The Vajra Needle

Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva

Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva

Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva



In applying this vajra needle that eliminates illness, the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva is the Yidam, and the Horse Head Vajra Deity (a transformation body of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva) manifests awesome power. That is why the Chinese people call it “Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle.” It is a healing technique specially used to cure people’s illnesses. Currently, H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III is the only one who possesses this dharma.



The powerful effects of this needle are miraculous. Various effects are produced according to the particular mudra and mantra H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III applies. This needle is able to open all of the body’s joints and acupuncture points. People who receive this treatment experience power moving through their body. No matter how strong a patient’s power of resistance may be, as soon as H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III increases the power of the mudra, the patient will immediately feel as if his internal organs were on fire and will fall to the ground screaming in pain. It is clear that people do not have the power to offer resistance to the effects of this needle.



This needle can easily cure yin deficiency and yang excess relating to the liver, gall, kidneys, spleen, and lungs; qi (vital energy)-blood disharmony; harm done to the internal organs; and other strange illnesses resulting from the six meridians or imbalance among the four great elements. After Zhuang Zigong personally experienced the Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle treatment, he wrote the following words in the book Master Yi Yungao (Master Yi Yungao is H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III):



“Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle is a unique healing technique of Buddhism requiring special powers, and it is used to cure people of their illnesses. It is said that common people cannot master this technique. In order to apply this technique, one must have reached a very high state of training in the Vajra Fist Dharma of esoteric Buddhism. One must also have entered the phase that transcends the generation and completion phases. Through special skills, one produces a power that adjusts the “external four great elements.” (earth, water, fire, and wind) One then uses one’s concentration powers to bring about needle treatment reactions that course through the body like a galloping horse. Additionally, one must use thought to guide the “internal four great elements” of the patient’s body so that his body undergoes acute changes in an instant. Using the energy channels and acupuncture points, the obstructions of illness are expelled one after another. Why does that treatment produce such amazing effects? It has to do with the ultimate truths of the universe.”



Zigong Zhuang went on to describe his experience when H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata treated him with the Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle: “I saw the Master take out a thin, long silver needle. He sat facing me about two meters away. He then tossed the needle, which entered the acupuncture point on my left leg called yang ling quan. At that time, there was no unusual feeling in my body. I just felt the needle shaking continuously. As the Master’s mudras changed, so did my reactions. He shouted “swell!” and my entire body generated a swelling feeling. He shouted “tingle!” and my entire body instantly produced tingling sensations. He shouted “cold!” and the inside of my body at once felt as if I had entered an ice cellar.



“The Master then uttered something unintelligible, and I heard a loud boom in my head. It seemed as if my body had quickly swelled. The inside of my body felt like a sudden violent storm accompanied by thunder, lightening, and surging rivers and seas. It was an astonishing and shocking experience. Then, it seemed as if wind and fire were fast approaching before my eyes. The wind was helping the strength of the fire, and the fire was adding to the power of the wind. In an instant, I was being tormented by internal and external forces. I perspired profusely and was almost destroyed. Right when I was flustered and confused, I heard “leave!” Everything then vanished and became peaceful. I forgot about both my body and mind. There was just an expanse of tranquility and emptiness.



“After a short while, strangely enough, it seemed as if that needle was “galloping” on its own. It would shake and sensations would course up my leg and enter acupuncture points in the proper sequence of those points. At that time, my entire body felt open and unblocked. My qi-blood circulation was as free flowing as a spring stream or floating clouds. I can’t say whether it was normal consciousness or hallucination, but I felt that my whole body and mind were immersed in happiness and pleasure.



“I finally experienced the miraculous effects of the Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle. Although I am well known for always sleeping very soundly, that night I could not fall asleep. While in a state of drowsiness the next morning, I suddenly became clear-headed. I wiped my eyes and realized my illness had disappeared. The blue sky and green earth spread before my window. Full of energy, I threw myself into the new day.”



A disciple by the name of Kion Yat beseeched H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III to treat him with needles. When H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III lightly applied one needle, disciple Yat did not at first feel anything. But when His Holiness began to recite a mantra and apply a mudra, disciple Yat became cold. Even ice formed on his eyebrows. His illness was immediately cured. This vajra needle is truly the king of all needles that only a Buddha possesses. Great Bodhisattva Tangtong Gyalpo Rinpoche XVI said that he personally saw the limitless power of the Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle and the incredibly high realization of H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III.




My name is Guang-Fen Fu. Since I was young, I have been physically weak and often ill. When I became an adult, my mother told me, “Daughter! You have had a weak constitution since you were young. Go and learn medicine. This will be good for your health, and you will not become weary through exerting too much physical strength.”



In 1958, I began following a teacher to learn traditional Chinese medicine. Because my illnesses resulted from the power of karma accumulated through many lifetimes and eons, my illnesses did not decrease as my knowledge of medicine and my experience in practicing medicine grew. Disease constantly followed me wherever I went.



In 1978 and the following few years, I suffered from a gastric ulcer in which most of my stomach hemorrhaged. During that time, I also discharged blood when going to the bathroom and vomited blood. In 1981, I had no choice but to undergo surgery to cut out most of my stomach. My health was even worse after the surgery. My food intake lessened, my face became pale, I spoke without any vigor, my spirit was weak, my movements were slow, and I often could not go to work.



As result of the care and assistance given to me by a friend, in 1987 I met my respected Buddha Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata. When His Holiness learned of my sufferings from illness and my strained financial circumstances, His Holiness showed immense compassion and concern. His Holiness treated me with the holy vajra needle. H.H. Buddha Master asked me to show His Holiness the acupuncture point on my foot called zu san li. My respected Buddha Master then squatted down and applied that needle to me. After the needle was applied, my respected Buddha Master then said, “Pay attention! I will now apply my dharma power.”



When my respected Buddha Master then put his hands into a mudra before me, I immediately began to feel numbness, a swelling sensation, and pain. My whole body emitted heat, and I was slightly perspiring. When my respected Buddha Master heard me repeatedly scream in pain, His Holiness released his hands from that mudra. I instantly felt that the numbness, swelling, and pain that I had just experienced had disappeared. The only thing I felt was a relaxed and comfortable feeling that my body had never before experienced. My respected Buddha Master then said, “This needle was used to open your energy channels and chakras. You are too anemic.”



At that time, I had not yet become a Buddhist or learned Buddhism. My respected Buddha Master treated me and all other living beings as his own family members, equally lending them a helping hand out of great compassion. In 1988, I knew that I wanted to convert to and learn Buddhism in order to leave suffering, attain happiness, and walk the path leading to accomplishment in the dharma and liberation from the cycle of reincarnation.



After following H.H. Buddha Master, my health has improved day by day, my complexion is ruddy, my spirit is clear, my voice is resonant, and I walk with vigor. I gradually understood just how magnificent H.H. Buddha Master is. I also came to gradually comprehend the realness of the Buddha-dharma. Those who see me now say, “You have totally changed in the last two years. You don’t look so frail as you did before.” What they found most difficult to believe is that I returned from my trip to the plateaus of Tibet and Qinghai, which are places that lack oxygen, without any adverse health effects.



Because I received H.H. Buddha Master’s teachings and empowerment, I advanced in the area of medicine. I took a countywide test and was the first to receive a certificate of qualification as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. I took provincial and municipal tests and obtained certificates qualifying me as a “doctor-in-charge” who practices traditional Chinese medicine. The hospital put a sign up for me that read “expert outpatient service.” My patients have increased day by day. I have cured patients near and far of their difficult and complicated illnesses. As a result, I have a bit of fame in the local area where I live. Everything that I have is due to the teachings and empowerment that the Buddha Master bestowed upon me after I began learning Buddhism. The kindness and grace H.H. Buddha Master conferred upon me are as enormous as a mountain. Each and every bit of his kindness and grace is indelibly etched in my heart.



I remember one day around the year 1989. Zi-Fang Liu, a disciple of my respected Buddha Master, went to the home of my respected Buddha Master in the Nanxin District of Xindu. She beseeched my respected Buddha Master to save her. She said that her illness has lasted many years, that it is acutely painful, and that she is about to collapse. She had been to all of the major hospitals in China and had spent a lot of money, all to no avail. I saw that her complexion was unnaturally dark and that her whole body was rigid. She constantly complained about her unbearable pain.



Then, she suddenly fell to the ground and did not get up. She looked ghastly pale. My respected Buddha Master immediately treated her with the holy vajra needle in order to empower her. Because she was in a state of shock, she did not have any reaction when the needle was applied. After a short while, Sister Liu regained consciousness, stood up, and stated she was no longer in pain.



Every time I saw the wonders of my respected Buddha Master’s holy vajra needle, I had an even greater desire to learn how to apply that holy needle. One day I said to my respected Buddha Master, “Respected Buddha Master, teach me how to apply that amazing needle so that I may cure more patients.” My respected Buddha Master said to me in a soft tone of voice, “Guang-Fen, your powers are insufficient. Let’s put that matter aside for the time being.” One time I saw Hsi Jao Ken Ten Rinpoche, who is from Taiwan, also ask my respected Buddha Master to teach him how to apply that amazing needle. My respected Buddha Master replied, “Your powers are insufficient. Let’s put that matter aside for the time being.”



I later learned that the source of the effectiveness of the holy vajra needle is my respected Buddha Master’s state of realization and virtue and the power of his merit. With a holy mind of enlightenment and great compassion, His Holiness assists living beings with physical illnesses, psychological illnesses, as well as living beings who are suffering due to the power of karma. Furthermore, His Holiness constantly and compassionately empowers living beings through his teachings, thereby enabling them to extricate themselves from suffering and find the key to curing and preventing disease.



I have followed H.H. Buddha Master for more than ten years. I, Guang-Fen, have evolved from a person who did not understand anything about learning Buddhism and self-cultivation to a Buddhist disciple striving to integrate wisdom, compassion, and skillful means and a person striving to be selfless. Based upon empowerment from my respected Master’s practice and from the lineage of great masters throughout generations, a type of merit of the fruit of Buddhahood exerts its influence, causing Buddhist disciples to walk the path toward liberation and accomplishment in the dharma. With the incomparable kindness and empowerment of my respected Buddha Master, Buddhist disciples give rise to bodhicitta and strive to enlighten themselves and others. The compassion, care, and protection my respected Buddha Master bestows upon his disciples and all living beings cannot be described in words. To know what I am saying, you have to experience it yourself.



I deeply feel that the kindness and grace shown to me by my Buddha Master is difficult to repay. All that I can do is resolve to be a disciple of the Buddha in all of my future lives and devoutly and respectfully turn to and rely upon the eternal Buddha Master. Only a Buddha Master can lead Buddhist disciples out of the bitter sea of reincarnation and lead them toward liberation, accomplishment in the dharma, ending of the cycle of birth and death, becoming a Buddha, saving other living beings, undertaking the cause of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and repaying the kindness of the Buddhas.



This year I have passed sixty-five years of age. What I have written above is my own true personal experience. I have not lied. If what I wrote above contains lies, I am willing to descend into the Avici Hell (hell of uninterrupted suffering). If what I wrote above is true, I offer the merit of this writing to my magnificent Buddha Master who is like my father and mother. I also dedicate such merit to all of my vajra Brothers and Sisters so that they attain enlightenment soon, and to all sentient beings on the six paths of reincarnation. Amitabha!


Written and respectfully submitted by Buddhist disciple,

Guang-Fen Fu



April 16, 2006

(This is a complete translation of the Chinese text that follows originally written and signed by Guang-Fen Fu.)




Around 1987, I inadvertently discovered pink spots that had grown on the surface of the skin of my left armpit. Underneath those spots was a small, hard lump. I did not pay any attention to it at first, nor did I go to a doctor for treatment. This situation continued for two years. I then began to feel a kind of malaise, which soon spread throughout my entire body. Once when I was chatting with a friend, that friend urged me to see a doctor. Still, I could not think of any reason to do that.



One day I saw on the wall of a hospital some posters relating to lymph-gland tumors and realized that my physical condition was similar to what was described in those posters. The tumor under my armpit had already swollen to around the size of a $50 Taiwan coin (the size of an American silver dollar) and had changed from pink to dark red. Although I became quite flustered about this, I did not have the courage to go to the hospital again to have a more detailed examination performed. I knew very clearly that I would not be able to withstand such a blow since I had just undergone major surgery to remove a tumor on my uterus. Therefore, I simply endured my situation silently and dared not tell anyone about it.



Due to the coming together of karmic conditions, I began chatting with a friend about the surgery I had to remove a tumor on my uterus. With no particular intent in mind, I also mentioned the abnormal condition of my armpit. After my friend heard this, my friend wanted to introduce to me a supreme Buddha Master who could help cure my illness. At that time I did not know the identity of the Buddha Master. I only knew that His Holiness was a great international master of noble character. Without any doubts in my mind, I accompanied that friend of mine to the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province in mainland China so as to pay a formal visit to that supreme Buddha Master. I had the good fortune of meeting the Buddha Master after waiting more than ten days. The Buddha Master asked me what brought me to Chengdu. I immediately told the Buddha Master the purpose of my visit. The Buddha Master then very compassionately said, “All right, all right. It will go away and be fine.”



The Buddha Master took an ordinary silver acupuncture needle so as to begin curing my illness. His Holiness said that if in a moment I felt sensations of swelling or pain, I should tell His Holiness. I then saw the Buddha Master’s mouth moving as His Holiness recited a mantra. The Buddha Master then inserted the needle into an acupuncture point between the thumb and index finger on my left hand and gave a puff. At this time I felt blood coursing through all parts my body, and my entire body felt swollen. The temperature of that tumor began to rise, as if it was on fire. After going through that process three separate times, the Buddha Master told me that after I return home I should continue to recite the name of the Buddha or Bodhisattva that I normally recite. I said that I recite “Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa (Homage to Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattva).” The Master replied, “That is fine. Go ahead and recite that Bodhisattva’s name. If you do so earnestly and sincerely, the tumor will soon leave you.”



I returned to Taiwan in a very happy state of mind. As before, I busily went about handling business matters, but I did not forget to recite that Bodhisattva’s name whenever I had spare time. After I returned to Taiwan, first thing in the morning, I looked at that tumor every day. It neither grew nor shrunk. However, about twenty days after I returned to Taiwan, I was bathing one day and suddenly thought of that red-spotted tumor on my armpit. I quickly took a look in the mirror and surprisingly discovered that the hard lump had shrunk. The original size of a $50 Taiwan coin (an American silver dollar) had shrunk to the size of a $1 Taiwan coin (an American dime).



I was so elated I wanted to jump for joy. I felt very grateful, very grateful! Those two words truly arose from the bottom of my heart as I thanked that magnificent and supreme Master. From that time on, I recited the name of that Bodhisattva even more earnestly and sincerely as a way of showing my appreciation toward that supreme Buddha Master.



However, approximately one month later, that tumor had not shrunk at all. I again began to feel somewhat anxious. Then, I heard a loud sound one evening. The red-spotted hard lump on my left armpit suddenly disappeared without a trace. Words cannot describe the excitement and gratitude I felt deep in my heart. All of the clouds under which I was living vanished at once! I later took refuge in that magnificent Buddha Master Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata. Seventeen years have now passed, and I am physically healthier and mentally happier than I was when I was young!



All that I have stated above is true! If there is anything fabricated in it, I am willing to descend into the vajra hell! If what I have stated are true words, I dedicate all of the resulting merit to all living beings in the dharma realm!


Disciple: Ting-Ying Li

I prostrate to the Buddhas in the ten directions within the three spheres.

June 21, 2007

(This is a complete translation of the Chinese text that follows originally written and signed by Ting-Ying Li.)

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