Dragon Carp Frolic In A Lotus Pond

H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III

H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III




The Dragon Carp Frolic in a Lotus Pond painted by H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III is appraised as a world treasure of outstanding quality, a peerless and sublime work of art. It is extremely wonderful, for what looks like detailed fine brushwork in it is actually derived from freehand brushwork. Even the small touches can be freehand brushwork depictions of lively charm. All of the six major parts composing this painting – the carp, the lotus leaves, the lotus root, the floating grass, the quality of the water, and the flowers are the fruits of hard work. The painting accomplishes a spellbound and miraculous state that is inimitable. In fact, both the artistic conception of and the prices for paintings by H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III have reached the topmost level in the world.




This paining is on a permanent exhibition at the Hall Of Fish Paintings By Famous Artists located at 170 E School St., Covina, CA USA. In 2016, someone offered US$60 million to purchase this painting. However, out of concern that once an art collector owns that painting the public will certainly not have any opportunity to appreciate it, H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III rejected the offer and provided the painting for display permanently.

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