H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III

H.H.Dorje Chang Buddha III


Asian Journal


July 21-23, 2004







Laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen was a native of Xindu County in Sichuan, China. She was eighty-one years old this year. This elder laywoman followed the Supreme Vajradhara Great Dharma King Yisinubu. She practiced the Guan Yin Dharma taught to her by the Great Dharma King. She was a very close relative of the Great Dharma King.



This year, she suddenly felt discomfort in her lower back area. The doctors at the Number 47 Hospital diagnosed her as having bone cancer. In March of this year, this elder laywoman showed signs of impending death. On April 13th, her children took her to the Chengdu General Hospital. Examinations revealed that she had no symptoms of bone cancer. All of her indices were normal. Her electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram indicated she had no disease and was healthy.



X-rays of her chest area were taken on April 18th. The area of the e-ray where her two lungs should have been visible was not developed at all. There was just a blank space in that area. The doctors were very surprised at this, since this situation had never occurred before. After further examination, they determined that her two lungs had completely stopped functioning. She had no respiratory function. She could not inhale or exhale.



Everyone was extremely mystified. Isn’t someone dead when his or her breathing stops? But even though laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen was not breathing, she was still alive. Moreover, she was able to speak in a normal manner! Someone put a small feather under this elder laywoman’s nostrils, right in front of her mouth. People watched that feather for more than ten minutes and, just as expected, it did not move in the slightest. That elder laywoman had no respiration at all. Nonetheless, she continued to live and speak in a normal manner. The doctors thought that this was a bizarre symptom. As far as medical circles and even as far as the entire world is concerned, this was an unheard-of situation. With her two lungs not functioning at all for more than one month, this elder laywoman was able to speak and move about. Of course, no one knew that this was the result of the realization she achieved from practice of the Buddha Dharma.






After Wang Cheng E-Fen had stayed in the Chengdu General Hospital for two or three days, she manifested certain signs that indicated a highly virtuous person was about to go to the Western Paradise. She told everyone that Guan Yin Bodhisattva had already told her that she (Guan Yin Bodhisattva) was going to take her to the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss. That elder laywoman arranged matters that related to her passing away. She took off the necklace she wore on her chest depicting a Buddha image. She took off all of the jewelry on her hands. She divided these things among her children. She put on clothes worn by one who has already passed away. She then quietly waited for Guan Yin Bodhisattva to arrive. She put her palms together in respect and continuously chanted “Homage to Guan Yin Bodhisattva.” She told all of the people who were there to chant scriptures or mantras to kneel down and chant the holy name “Guan Yin Bodhisattva.” She said that Guan Yin Bodhisattva had already arrived.



All of the patients in that hospital room suddenly smelled a fragrant scent. Heavenly music began playing in the air. The bodhisattva had arrived. However, it was not time for that elder laywoman to pass away. That elder laywoman told everyone that Guan Yin Bodhisattva told her that a relative of hers who is far away in the United States, Great Dharma King Yisinubu, had intervened and requested Guan Yin Bodhisattva not to take her away at this time.



A few days later, Guan Yin Bodhisattva arrived for a second time. That elder laywoman did not disturb any of the people who were at her side. She alone continued to chant her mantra and hold her palms together in respect. Those people who were at her side heard her say, “The Western Paradise is so beautiful! There are so many flowers!” Because the Great Dharma King asked Guan Yin Bodhisattva not to take the elder laywoman away, just as before, Guan Yin Bodhisattva did not take her away.



When I interviewed her, although she did not want to say very much, out of a sense of responsibility, that elder laywoman insisted on personally recording the following: “I saw Guan Yin Bodhisattva wearing black clothes. The Western Paradise is so beautiful! There are towers, pagodas, and many flowers!”






On May 22, 2004 of the western calendar at 11:00 at night, Los Angeles, U.S.A. time, (May 23rd, 2:00 in the afternoon, China time) the Great Dharma King summoned Dharma Teacher Long Hui, a noble monastic. Dharma Teacher Long Hui is the chairperson of the International Buddhism Sangha Association. The Great Dharma King told her that a very close relative of his, laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen, would pass away in Sichuan, China the next day, U.S.A. time, but the same day in China. The Great Dharma King said that Guan Yin Bodhisattva would receive her and take her to the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss. The Great Dharma King told his disciple, Dharma Teacher Long Hui, to announce the passing of laywoman Wong Cheng E-Fen in front of the various disciples attending the Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly that would take place the next day. He also instructed Dharma Teacher Long Hui to have the attendees dedicate the merit of that Dharma Assembly to that elder laywoman. The Great Dharma King added, “Listen carefully. She has not yet passed away at this time. The merit of that Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly that all of you will conduct tomorrow will be quite extraordinary. I cannot again ask Guan Yin Bodhisattva to have her stay in this would any longer. After I finish practicing the Dharma tonight, tomorrow Guan Yin Bodhisattva will come and receive her and take her away.”



As predicted, the next day (May 23rd) at 7:00 in the morning, Los Angeles time (May 23rd, around 10:00 at night, China time), before Dharma Teacher Long Hui arrived at the Dharma Assembly, a telephone call was received from Sichuan. The person on the phone said that Guan Yin Bodhisattva received and took away laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen twenty minutes ago.



That day at the Dharma Assembly, the bathing the Buddha ceremony had just finished, and everyone was dedicating merit to the elder laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen. Everyone then saw that the bronze statue of Dharma Prince Sakyamuni, who was wearing a red robe, suddenly began emitting dazzling golden rays of light. This light did not diminish even after a long time. Only after two and a half hours did it slowly disappear. Such a sight was very much connected with the fact that the Great Dharma King taught the elder laywoman the correct Dharma of the Buddha, and she thereby attained great accomplishment. Otherwise, why is it that in all of the other Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assemblies in history no one saw the statue of the Buddha emitting light?






On May  23rd after 9:30 at night, China time, Guan Yin Bodhisattva had just received and taken away Wang Cheng E-Fen. The mantra-chanting device bought from a street-store and placed in her room was emitting its regular chanting sound. Suddenly, the chanting sound coming from that device turned into the sound of Great Dharma King Yisinubu—who was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean—chanting “Homage to Guan Yin Bodhisattva”! The sound of the Great Dharma King chanting the name of Guan Yin Bodhisattva was much louder and clearer than the original sound coming from that machine. Everyone who heard this was moved and astonished. Shi Xin Zhen was so moved she recorded the sound of the Great Dharma King’s voice.



On May 24th after 10:00 at night, China time, the body of Wang Cheng E-Fen was taken to a simple but dignified room in the Baoguang Temple, one of the four great temples in China. At the time, her face looked healthy and rosy.






On May 25th after 4:00 in the afternoon, China time, in a room that had just been constructed in Baoguang Temple, disciples of the Great Dharma King were calmly chanting the holy mantra, “Homage to Guan Yin Bodhisattva.” Before long, everyone heard that the original sound coming from the mantra chanting device suddenly stopped. The sound coming from that machine changed into that of Great Dharma King Yisinubu leading many people in the chanting of “Homage to Guan Yin Bodhisattva.” Before long, that sound turned into the chanting of “Homage to Amitabha Buddha.” The sound then again became the chanting of “Homage to Guan Yin Bodhisattva.” Everyone was very moved and chanted along with the Great Dharam King. Shi Xin Zhen and Shi Xin En recorded all of this on the spot.



About five minutes later, a Buddha Light flashed upon the Buddha altar and the body of laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen. Right after that, a Buddha Light appeared in the sky. Everyone rushed outside. They prostrated and shouted with joy. Everyone saw those wonderful sights no matter whether he or she was a disciple of the Great Dharma King or whether he or she was learning and practicing Buddhism.



A colorful Buddha Light slowly extended through the sky. The scene was just as the Amitabha Sutra described. Out of the Buddha Light came countless Buddhas as well as Bodhisattvas who were sitting there as far as the eye could see. The radiance spread into infinite space. The surrounding clouds turned into various colors. The land, sky, and trees were covered with a golden-yellow, bluish light. The sun and the E-Mei moon appeared together. The sun and moon shining together was a solemn and auspicious event. The sun continuously flashed and shook.



From the sun emerged countless Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Very soon after that, silver wheels as well as innumerable Dharma eyes that shined with boundless radiance emerged from the sun. Male lions wearing colorful ornaments and flood dragons also emerged from the sun! Guan Yin Bodhisattva, who was in the Buddha Light, was wearing a long dress, looking wondrous and dignified. The head of Sakyamuni Buddha, the would-honored one, then appeared, looking larger than even the sun. Golden-yellow light enveloped the faces and bodies of people on ground. The colorful Buddha Light immediately projected its light upon the chest of anyone who requested empowerment. People Knelt down continuously to worship.



The Dharma names of those who personally saw the holy sight of this Buddha Light are as follows: Shi Zhi Lan, Shi Zhi Qing, Shi Xin Zhen, Shi Xin En, Shi Xin Feng, Shi Zhi Lian, Shi Dao Rong, Shi Yi Zong, Shi Zhi Guang, Shi Chao Jing, Shi Nian Ci, Shi Nian De, Shi Nian Zhen, Shi Zhi Ying, Shi Zhi De, Shi Xin Ying, Shi Dao Wei, Shi Zhi Xiu, etc., totaling almost thirty people. The holy scene of the Buddha Light lasted about one hour. Everyone was moved, joyous, and extremely excited.






In China, the weather of May 28th was hotter then it had been for the past few days. The elder laywoman had already passed away several days before. The casket containing her body was placed in a simple room in Baoguang Temple. Her body was not frozen. There was no air conditioning or electric fan in that room. People who were alive emitted body odor due to heavy perspiration. However, the body of that elder laywoman emitted a heavy fragrance. Everyone there smelled this scent. Two monks from the Baoguan Temple made a special trip to examine this phenomenon. With great amazement, they said, “The weather is so hot. Even though her body has been placed here for so many days, there haven’t been any problems with it. There is even a fragrant scent. She truly cultivated herself well.”



In that room, many people saw the statue of Amitabha Buddha on the altar emit strong golden rings of light three times, each time lasting about ten minutes. A photograph of the elder laywoman and the top of her head gleamed with dazzling golden light at the same time. The Buddha Light outside of that room was gorgeous, just as before. In that room, disciples of the Great Dharma King recited the name of a Buddha with undivided attention. A monk in the Baoguang Temple then said in an urgent tone of voice, “You have still not gone outside to see the Buddha Light? There are so many Bodhisattvas in the sky!”



On May 29th, China time, the cremation ceremony for elder laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen formally took place. Dharma Teacher Ji Xin, the master of cremation at Baoguang Temple, was in Charge of that ceremony. When the solemn mantra chanting ended, flames began to rise. Before her wooden casket was fully on fire, various holy Buddha Dharma states appeared! A colorful and flashing Buddha Light surrounded and circled the earth. Shouts of joy could be heard one after another from people who saw this holy scene. Cell phones, cameras, and camcorders were lifted high. They did not need to be focused, and nobody needed to find a view. Everything was taken in, since holy scenes were everywhere.



From the raging furnace fire, suddenly flood dragon soared. It spewed fire from its mouth and roared powerfully. Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yin Bodhisattva, Four-Arm Guan Yin, and Manjushri Bodhisattva holding the sword of wisdom all suddenly appeared. Seed syllables, vajras, Dharma protecting deities, male lions, phoenixes lotus flowers, rainbows, and various other kinds of amazing scenes continually emerged as the furnace flames rose. The mantra-chanting device again emitted the sound of the Great Dharma King chanting the name of a Buddha. Suddenly, nectar descended from the sky. It was fragrant and sweet. The nectar only fell on the cremation furnace. No nectar fell upon any place surrounding the furnace.



The appearance of all of these holy scenes caused people to be brimming with joy. Since the cremation furnace of Baoguang Temple was built until today, such joyous circumstances had had never before occurred. The Dharma names of those people who were at the cremation and personally saw holy sights are as follows: Shi Xin En, Shi Xin Feng, Shi Xin Yu, Shi Zhi Wen, Shi Xin Miao, Shi Dao Zhen, Shi Dao Chun, Shi Dao Zhi, Shi Xin Xiao, Shi Zhi Lian, Shi Xin Yuan, Shi Guang Xiu, shi Dao Guang, Shi Guang Wen, Qude Damu, Shi Zhi De, Shi Yi Zeng, Shi Zhi Da, Shi Zhi Xiu, Shi Zhen Xiong, Shi Zhen De, Shi Dao Shan, Shi De Hai, Shi Guang Yun, Shi Zhi Qing, Shi Guang Ling, Shi Zhi Zhang, Shi Zhi Ming, Shi Zhi Hai, Shi Guang Feng, Shi De Ming, Shi De Chao, Shi Zhi Bo, etc. There were also many other unknown people. Everyone there expressed their admiration in loud voices and knelt down right then and there.






What is even more amazing is that from the bone ashes of elder laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen more than sixty shariras (relics) of different colors, as well as yellow and white sharira flowers of the highest quality, were found! The shape of some on the shariras was rhombic. This caused a sensation in all of Baoguang Temple and in Buddhist circles throughout China. These are holy things that are extremely rare in history. They are true Buddhist treasures. They manifest the holy state described as follows: “The Western Paradise has row of gems and nets of gems. This is very mysterious. All of the lotus flowers there blossom perfectly.”


Shariras Wang Cheng E-Fen

Laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen became accomplished by practicing the Avalokiteshvara Dharma. After her cremation at the Baoguang Temple in Xindu County, Sichuan, China, she left behind more than 60 shariras (relics) of various colors as well as sharira flowers of the highest quality.



Wu You-Jia from Taiwan said, “Those shariras (relics) are truly wondrous treasures. During the process of searching for shariras, I saw a lump of bone ashes the size of a human palm. People had searched through it a few times. Surprisingly, I found two shariras within it. I then looked through it carefully once more. I was sure there were no more shariras in it. At that time, I saw another disciple find three shariras in that lump of bone ashes that I searched through. Another disciple from Taiwan, Li Hui-Zhu, had a serious ailment related to her hands. Because her tactile sense was not good, she only used three fingers to search for shariras in the bone ashes. She said that although she did not find even one sharira, the next morning she discovered that all of the symptoms relating to the three fingers she used to search for shariras had disappeared.”



An endless stream of visitors came to pay their respects to the shariras. Many people from various circles in society came. Baoguang Temple specially photographed the elder laywoman’s shariras. The temple openly and respectfully handed out that photograph to everybody.






As La Mu said in her article entitled “Analysis of the Highest Form of Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly,” if the only disciple of the Great Dharma King who became accomplished in the Dharma were Wang Cheng E-Fen, perhaps it would be coincidental. But something mysterious happened. Layman Wang Ling-Ze the husband of laywoman E-Fen, also practiced the Dharma according to the teachings of the Great Dharma King. Throughout his entire life, he did not discuss the Buddha Dharma. One afternoon in 1991 on February 15th of the lunar calendar, he suddenly took a bench and placed it on the roadside in the Laodong Village of Xindu. He then openly began urging people to be kind and good. He explained the wonders of the Pure Land. He praised the Great Dharma King, saying that his Dharma is the authentic Buddha Dharma of Sakyamuni Buddha.



Someone asked Wang Ling-Ze, “I like Guan Yin Dharma, but I don’t know which Guan Yin Dharma is the best.” The elder layman Wang answered, “No matter if your teacher is a Great Dharma Teacher or a Great Rinpoche, you must be very careful. You absolutely must not learn false Buddha Dharma. For example, Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s ‘pure vase realization’ is great. Let’s look toward ourselves. How is your master? If he doesn’t have the ability and state of realization to ‘obtain water,’ transmit Dharma, and conduct initiations, if he does not practice the precepts well, then he just understands the common Dharma written in books. Rather than learn from such a person, you would accumulate more merit if you intoned ‘Homage to Guan yin Bodhisattva.’ True Guan Yin Dharma involves ‘obtaining water’ either in a gentle way or a forceful way. Obtaining water in a forceful way involves one ore two persons lifting a lotus tub weighing over 5,500 pounds and pouring out the water from it. This is the true Buddha Dharma. Obtaining water in a gentle way involves the following. You secretly prepare a bowl outside the presence of the master. you fill it with water and take it out. The master immediately practices the Dharma in front of you. Water instantly flows through the bowl toward you. It is like the holy water in the pure vase of Guan Yin Bodhisattva. No containers in this would can hold the holy water in that pure vase. That holy water will penetrate through and flow out of any such worldly container. When used in initiations and Dharma Transmissions, holy water that has flowed through a bowl can wash away your karmic hindrances accumulated over many past lifetimes. This is true Guan Yin Dharma. I have learned this true Buddha Dharma transmitted to me by Great Dharma King Yisinubu. Water penetrated through the bowl. Therefore, I am about to got to the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss.”



When the elder layman Wang finished expounding the Dharma, he pushed the bench to one side and sat down in the cross-legged posture in front of his house near the road. He instantly passed away. He illustrates the magnificence of the Buddha Dharma transmitted by the Great Dharma King, which leads to control over one’s own birth and death. According to the rules of Buddhism, after the elder layman passed away, his body could not be touched for seven days. Therefore, he sat solemnly in the cross-legged posture at that very spot near the public street for seven days and seven nights. His back remained completely upright. After his cremation at the Baoguang Temple in Xindu, thirteen firm shariras (relics) were left behind.



I went to the Baoguang Temple in Xindu and paid twelve yuan to buy a photograph openly sold by the temple showing the sharia and sharira flowers left behind by laywoman Wang cheng E-Fen after her cremation. I learned from a documentary video as well as from other sources that many disciples of the Great Dharma King include world-class outstanding monastics, first-class elder monastics in Taiwan, first-class elder monastics and Great Rinpoches in mainland China and Hong Kong, and first-class eminent monastics and Great Rinpoches in the United States. Furthermore, many disciples of the Great Dharma King include husband and wife couples who obtained control over their own births and deaths. Some of his disciples passed away while they sat in the cross-legged posture, chanted the name of Amitabha Buddha, and held their hands in a special mudra. The bodies of some disciples emitted dazzling light after they passed away. The corpses of some disciples do not rot after their passing, thereby becoming a “body sharira.”



However, the most amazing thing of all is that the Great Dharma King often tells his disciples beforehand when a certain person will pass away, thus enabling his Dharma Teacher disciples to make their way to that person quickly so that they can help him or her by reciting passages or mantras for the deceased. When those Dharma Teacher are informed of this, the person is still alive. When they arrive at the person’s location, he or she has already passed away. What is the significance of this? This shows that such magnificent Buddha Dharma truly exists.



A layperson with the surname Mai, who often worships the Buddha at the Baoguang Temple, was very moved and told a reporter, “During these past several years, I have been very anxious. I have acknowledged many great Dharma Teacher and great Rinpoches as my teachers, but I have still not learned the true Buddha Dharma. I fear the arrival of the critical moment of death. Of course, I chant the name of Amitabha Buddha every day. But I am clearer than anyone else is about the level of my practice. I am clearer than anyone else is about whether I am an ordinary person. I have not learned the true Buddha Dharma. I am not the only one. Everyone else around me is in the same situation. At the time of my death, I will surely enter the cycle of reincarnation. This is very frightening. I have prayed to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas that I may learn the true Buddha Dharma. For the past few days, I have seen holy states relating to the great accomplishment of Cheng E-fen. I know that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have blessed me by causing me to find the true Buddha Dharma! A few of us fellow disciples have discussed this matter. we will use every means to find the master who taught laywoman Cheng E-Fen how to become accomplished. I know that he is truly and extremely holy being. We heard that laywoman Cheng E-fen’s husband also passed away in the cross-legged sitting posture in complete control of his death and future rebirth. That was also the result of the Dharma King’s transmission of Buddha Dharma. If we did not seek out that Dharma King, who else would we seek out? Of course we must try to find him. Only that Dharma King can solve the matter of life and death that we face. We must sincerely search for him!”


Wang Cheng E Fen

Asian Journal Reporting





(1) Laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen, who is the mother of virtuous professor Wang Yu-Hua, became accomplished by practicing the Avalokiteshvara Dharma. After her cremation at the Baoguang Temple in Xindu County, Sichuan, China, she left behind more than 60 shariras (relics) of various colors as well as sharira flowers of the highest quality. Such relics can truly be called rare Buddhist treasures in the history of Buddhism. They manifest the holy state described as follows: “The Western Paradise has row of gems and nets of gems. This is very mysterious. All of the lotus flowers there blossom perfectly.”



(2) Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva has already escorted laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen to the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss.



(3) Various temples together conducted a Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly in which all of the attendees dedicated the merit of that assembly to laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen. After that dedication, a statue of the Buddha emitted light for more than two hours (right). Such shining light is closely related to the fact that the Great dharma King transmitted dharma to laywoman Wang Cheng E-Fen, and she thereby attained great accomplishment. On the left is a picture of a statue of the Buddha before it emitted light. That statue is made of bronze but is gilded with non-lustrous gold. It is now an object of worship at the Hua Zang Temple.



(4) Great layman Wang Ling-Ze passed away on February 15, 1991 while sitting in the cross-legged posture. This is a photograph taken of him five days after he passed away. When he was still sitting in front of his house in the cross-legged posture with his back erect.



(5) Great layman Wang Ling-Ze left behind 13 firm relics after his cremation.



Note *: In the original Asian Journal newspaper article, Avalokiteshvara was called “Guan Yin”, which is the name of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva in Chinese.





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